I am shutting down this account, moving to Substack — please join me

Simon Rosenberg
1 min readMar 12

Friends, as part of my transition from NDN I am making my new Substack my primary political home. In a few weeks I will be closing this account down, and encourage you to stay in touch with me in one of three ways:

Substack — This is now my primary political home. You can subscribe for free, and there also paid subscription levels too. Read my welcome message and learn what I’m trying to do with this exciting new media platform.

Twitter — Still here, for now, doing mything every day.

YouTube — You can catch my public appearances and made for digital content here. Subscribe to the channel to stay up to date.

I want to thank everyone for their support and engagement with NDN and this Medium account over the years. It has been a remarkable ride, but everything has its season. To stay in touch with with my heralded political analysis do consider subscribing to my substack for free today. I’m already producing new, original content there, and our community is growing fast. Join us there if you can. It’s going to be a fun and consequential ride.

Best, Simon

Simon Rosenberg

I run NDN/NPI, a DC think tank. Clinton & DNC alum, Tufts grad, Aspen Crown Fellow. Father of 3 great kids, truly lucky husband. Proud globalist.